Functional Fashion that protects you while you train. This is Sports Bra 2.0. 

 For custom / team orders, please contact hello@thechestee.com. 




We want you to truly, wholeheartedly believe in our product. We do not align with athletes simply for exposure, rather we want to be a relied-upon brand for your training. If you are on board with this, and wish to move forward, here is what we expect:

Applicant should be a college student or younger.

Minimum of 2 Social Media Posts/Reviews per month
1(min.) high quality/high-resolution posts on gallery
1(min.) stories (no bathroom selfies, please ;)

Athletes that are active on social media, please.
(i.e. If you only post twice a year on Instagram, this is probably not for you!)


Receive 20% discount on all Chestee personal gear.
Surprise gift packages for those brand ambassadors who are truly excelling and are making an impact. This is determined on a case-by-case basis and awarded seasonally.

Apply to Tabitha@thechestee.com:

1. Your resume (if you do not have a resume, please list your relevant athletic experience);
2. Instagram handle (ex: @chesteespirit);
3. Brief description of why you think you would be a good fit for Chestee Spirit.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or responded to. All inquiries must have the above three items included to be considered. Please use “Chestee Spirit Ambassador Applicant” in the subject line of your email.