The Kels - Crush
The Kels - Crush
The Kels - Crush
The Kels - Crush

The Kels - Crush

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If you know anything about Kels Kiel it's that she trains A LOT. So, when designing her namesake Chestee, she made sure that there was maximum support and coverage for her big endurance days, high impact collarbone protection for barbell workouts, and of course - "lots of strappies on the back" - which was a design element that was ESSENTIAL to this style. We hope you love it as much as Kels does! 

Kels Features:

  • Crossover strap detail on the front, continued into a 4-webbed back;
  • Double-lined power mesh detail in the front and back for extra ventilation;
  • "Kels Kiel" signature in metallic on back left;
  • High Impact Collarbone Protection;
  • High bust support;
  • Custom Chestee Race Flag inner lining; 
  • Removable contoured cups;
  • Sizes 4-14 available. 

Please wash on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. 

Size Chart: 

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