You are what makes us feel alive, our loyal Chestee squad. 

Your continuous inspiration brings out our forever strength. 

Your dedication pumps adrenaline into our veins. 

You are our core. You are our ambassadors. 

You are our family. You are Chestee.


"Hands down, the BEST customer service and such an amazing bra. The quality is incredible!" -Lindsey M. 

"I absolutely love this company and their products.... I have sooo many Tiffany’s !!! I literally have a Tiffany problem, in all colors. The T is also a super comfortable one. Customer service is also awesome !!! Super attentive. Thanks for being awesome Chestee." - Crystal C. 

"These shorts rock!!!! So light I have to keep checking to see if I still got them on!" - Liam M. 

"For the longest time I was scared to go heavier in my cleans, front squats, thrusters, etc because of how much pressure I was putting on my collarbone. I would leave the gym with a bruised up collarbone that hurt for days. The first time I wore this bra I PR'd my Clean because I noticed I wasn't feeling that pain anymore. The padding and support this bra provides is something I've desperately needed since I started Crossfit and I am so happy I stumbled upon them. Could not be happier with this product! Will be buying more in the future." - Chelsea W.

"Love Love Love this bra, my Tiffany is awesome and the Chestee team is top notch. Their personal touch and care in all they do is amazing. Lol makes me wish I lived in the states to make this brand easier to get!" -Misty B. 

"I love how funky the style is and I love the give in the shorts. It is like wearing tissue paper but stronger." - Anthony Rayburn's shoutout to the mens shorties.