Our story began with the barbell on our chest. Wodapalooza 2012 was a total bruise-fest. The idea struck us as hard as the barbell hit our chest. Pausing from multiple reps, our fearless leader, Nicole Biscuiti, stuffed t-shirts underneath the straps of her sports bra to keep her lifting with more confidence. Nicole was stronger knowing that she was protecting her collarbone and minimizing bruising. After the intensity of this workout, Nicole realized that she was not alone. This eureka moment was the start of an innovation phenomenon.

In March of 2014, Nicole made things official. Through collaboration, she crafted the idea and engineered the solution. Our desk became our design table. Our living room became our warehouse. 

The Chestee was born into a fitness frenzy. Yeah, that's you - our squad, hype crew, tribe, girl gang, Chestee crowd and every-body in between. 

Our fitness community is an ever-evolving society rising to extreme levels. 

This is not a mundane sports bra. This is Sports Bra 2.0. 

This is more than just a workout. This is a lifestyle. 

This is less about the product itself. This is about the way it makes you feel. 

This is your comfort with full-power. 

This is your chest mate. 


The Chestee is the only patented sports bra with built-in collarbone protection. This in-garment solution protects the chest during barbell workouts. 

These products are designed with premium textiles and innovative technology, enabling sportswear to be more versatile, comfortable and fashionable.