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  • Maddy Espinoza: Not Your Average Teenager

    When Maddy would lift in front of the wrestling team it would regularly be more than any other guy on the team could lift.  She felt that there may have been some intense jealousy over what she was doing not only in school right in front of these boys, but also at CrossFit ® as a competitive athlete.

    “I think they bullied me as a way to kind of get to me and stop me from doing what I love. But I’m still here and I’m doing even better than last year.”

    Maddy Espinoza: Not Your Average Teenager

    Sun, Feb 23, 20

    Maddy Espinoza By Genevieve Gyulavary Maddy Espinoza is a sophomore in high school, a 15 year old girl just dreamin’ about the day when she can drive herself to school....

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