Like any team, it is the collaborative effort of each individual which makes us strong. We've taken the best of our talents and pooled them into this small but mighty organization we like to call "Team Awesome" - and everyday we strive to bring you just that: an amazing interaction with our brand. 



Nicole is the founder, creator, and heartbeat of The Chestee. As a former public relations executive in the retail fashion industry, Nicole uses her expertise to design, enhance, and elevate the product. Nicole has a passion for fitness, people and simply being dope. As a fearless leader, Nicole places a premium on refining the product to fit the customer's desires. As she continues to enrich the athleisure community, Nicole's tenacity to shake the fashion and fitness industry has created an unparalleled movement. She created the first product of its kind: Sports Bra 2.0.



After many years of supporting his sister's company, Scott joined The Chestee team in 2016 as the VP. As a U.S. Marine, proud father and avid dancer and karaoke singer, he brings to the team a fun spirit and true talent for developing processes and procedures. 





A Florida native, Aubrey helps handle our SoCal events. She is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people to encourage. 

Want Chestee to set-up at your event? Talk to Aubrey. 



As the blog editor of The Chestee, Genevieve is able to combine her love of health and wellness with her ability to capture raw stories of athletes. Genevieve takes immense pride in sharing stories of depth, resilience, strength, and struggle - with Chestee’s audience.  



Jen, known to many as "Rumblebumm," is the personality behind all The Chestee's Instagram stories. From organizing athlete takeovers, to highlighting the spirit behind the Chestee crowd, Jen completes "Team Awesome".